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The summer evenings are almost here (hopefully!). Leisure and group cycling has become hugely popular in the last few years. People have come to realise the fun and good feeling that cycling brings whether alone or as part of a group. Kilkenny is a great place to live and also a great place to cycle.

Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership, invite people of all ages to sign up to their popular 7 week Couch to 40k Programme. The fun programme starts with a really gentle first spin at 7pm on Tuesday, May 7th from Canal Square in Kilkenny. It will continue each week for 7 weeks afterwards.

This programme is aimed at adults who are able to cycle but would like to build up to being able to cycle a little bit more distance. For example, you may currently be cycling to work or to leisure activities but you may want to increase this. You might also like to find new places to cycle to?

Seamus Nugent (Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership says that, ‘we are delighted that each year a large group sign up for this tutor lead programme which is organised by Kilkenny Recreation and Sports Partnership (KRSP)’. This year KRSP, are collaborating with the Kilkenny Pedallers cycling club for the Couch to 40k. The target for participants will be to take part in the Castle to Castle Cycle 40k Cycle on Wednesday, June 26th.

The main requirement for this free programme is that you are registered ( and willing to bring a bit of energy to the group. Then ensure that your bike is in good working condition. Inflate the tyres a few days beforehand and make sure they stay inflated. Check that the brakes and gears are working. If they are not working smoothly, take your bike to any local bike shop to have them adjusted.

Helmet wearing is mandatory for each training spin. Please note that children’s helmets generally do not fit an adult! The ride leaders can help you adjust your helmet correctly on the first night.

Why not grab a friend and bring them along for some fun? This 7-week programme will take place in a supportive, fun, non-competitive environment and will be lead by an experienced cyclist / cycling tutor.

Bike Week 2019 will be organised locally by Kilkenny Recreation & Sports Partnership in conjunction with Kilkenny County Council. A full programme of events will be announced in the coming weeks. Call 056-7794957 or for more information.


Couch to 40k Cycle Training
7:00pm Tuesday 7th May 2019 to 9:00pm Tuesday 18th June 2019
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Older People
Cycle Training
Canal Square, Kilkenny
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