Bike Safe

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  • Always look and signal to show other road users what you plan to do, and make eye contact where possible so that you have been seen
  • Always stop at red lights, and obey the rules of the road
  • Avoid cycling up inside vehicles such as trucks, vans or buses. You will not be seen
  • Always use lights on your bike when visibility is poor, and in the evening and at night
  • Wear reflective or light coloured clothing when cycling during the day to increase your visibility
  • We recommend you wear a fitted cycling helmet when cycling

For more information about cycle safety, please visit the Road Safety Authority website


Cyclists must obey the rules of the road
Image of road signs and warning signs


Cyclists should wear reflective or light coloured clothing, and a fitted cycling helmet when cycling
Image of cyclist with high visibility clothing, lights and a protective helmet


Avoid cycling along the inside of large vehicles
Image of sign: Warning Cyclists Beware when vehicle is turning left