Organising A Bike Week Event?

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Locating you...

Promoting your event

You can generate publicity for Bike Week events in your area with paid advertising, and PR, in local media. The aim of National Bike Week is to encourage more people to cycle more often. Bike Week events and media coverage should try to focus on promoting cycling as an everyday mode of transport.

Bike Week Logo

Use the official Bikeweek logo on all printed communication materials. The logo is available on request from

Include the website address in all communications; print, radio, and online

Photo Call

  • Send a photocall invite to local media
  • Hire an experienced press photographer for your event in case of a no-show from photographers. Give your photographer as much detail as possible about the photoshoot in advance of the day. Who is being photographed, where it is taking place, what props (if any) you will have
  • Provide the photographer with a list of all of the publications you want the photographs issued to and when they need to be issued
  • Provide the photographer with a headline and the first paragraph of your press release

Local Newspapers

  • Compile a list of all of the local newspapers in your region; remember to include the free-sheets
  • Most local newspapers are published weekly. Take note of the copy deadline for each
  • Where possible, include a high resolution photograph to accompany your press release

‘What’s On’ Guide/ Listings

  • Compile a list of all of the ‘what’s on’ guides/ event listings for your local area
  • Local commercial and community radio stations, local tourism websites, community websites and local newspapers usually include this section
  • Email a list of your bike week events to each at least one week in advance of Bike Week

Local Radio

  • Compile a list of the local commercial and community radio stations in your area
  • Look at the programme listings for each station to identify which shows would best suit your Bike Week feature. One size doesn’t fit all. Think of the show’s listeners and what would be most of interest to them. The more local and personal the story the greater the interest level from show producers

Social Media

Create a profile for your events on social media to increase awareness of your events, and to encourage greater participation among your audience. Update regularly with related news, and photographs in the lead up to and during Bike Week. Keep posts to a minimum of two to three each day